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About Us

Since 2001, Ovion Lifestyle is known to be a world of possibilities with no limits to customize your living space furniture. Reputed to tailor make Bespoke Italian leather sofa sets, Ovion has also spread its units into manufacturing exclusive fabric couches and chairs.

OVION also caters Genuine Italian leather car seat covers and interiors – the perfect blend of Italian luxury, finish and feel to create an ambience in your car which complements your lifestyle.

Ovion is one of India’s leading importers of bovine leather hide and a partner with an internationally renowned tanneries in Italy. Besides flagship stores in Bangalore, Mysore, Vijayawada, Kochi, India Ovion has its concrete presence all over the country through its wide spread network.

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Ovion offers you a 100+ designs, 300+ colours and 25+ grade of leathers, while each leather exhibits unique textures.

A 20,000 sq.ft factory situated in Bangalore is equipped with the state of art machinery. With a team of 150 specialized professionals in the field of procurement, manufacturing, branding, marketing and distribution, Ovion has come to symbolize global excellence in production, quality and durability.

With over 1 lakh satisfied customers, OVION adds a whole new dimension to the business of luxury.
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