Luxury Leather Sofas

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Chairs are architecture, sofas are bourgeois” – Le Corbusier

Ovion Lifestyle is consistently crafting and testing new luxurious Italian leather sofa designs. Our leather sofa designs are manifested by choice, subtlety, proportion, and harmony. We intend to showcase the finest international designs from the boardroom to your living.

Every piece of furniture that is designed, sculpted and delivered are custom-made to fit, feel and give you the experience of pure luxury every time you take the weight off your feet.

We offer furniture and accessories that compliment your home and the architectural design. We have internationally curated sofa designs from all corners of the world. In addition to our global custom luxury sofa designs, we customize furniture to perfectly suit your space and comfort.

Our hides are top grain superior quality bovine hides. We choose from nothing but the best to craft pieces of furniture for you. Like we say back in the factory, “It’s not a sofa, it’s a labor of Love”.

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