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Bring the king of comfort with Leather Recliners for your home

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Recliner Sofa & Recliner Chair

Recliners are the definition of comfort in your living space. Working as comfortable seating to an armchair in an instant, recliners take your comfort to the next level. It is the most versatile piece of furniture that you can add to your home. It brings in a grandeur of its own while giving you the cushy comfort of its soft folds.

Recliner Manufacturers in Bangalore

Ovion Lifestyle brings to you the Classic leather recliner handcrafted to perfection to suit your needs. Available in different shades and make, you can select the perfect fit as per your body requirement by trying and testing the recliners for your assurance.

Take your pick from a range of leather recliner Chair by Ovion

You can opt to buy a single seat recliner to relax in your private comfort zone at home or opt for a family size 5 seater italian leather recliner set to enjoy with your family and friends. We offer multiple choices with the number of seats that you wish to buy for your recliner sets. You have the feasibility to choose between recliners of different sizes to suit the requirement for every member of your family whether big or small.

When it comes to recliner, it is not just the look that you need to concentrate on. Of course we agree that your furniture needs to match with the tone of your living space but still, the make of the recliner is more important. When you are buying a recliner, it is an investment that is to provide you with the ultimate space for your comfort. You need to make the right choice.

Built to last

We ensure that when you buy a leather recliner you can really recline to relax without worrying about breaking your back. Our electric recliners are made with a firm 4-sided frame giving you the support you need to handle high pressure and weight without a hitch. You can use these recliners for years without worrying about any possible warping or splitting or tearing the tough leather covering. No wonder Ovion Lifestyle is considered to supply the best recliners in India. Top quality with tough make, this is what we promise.

Our recliners come with a strong mesh layer under the cushions and between the springs to give that extra layer of protection to your cushions as it takes weight to avoid tears and other damages. This gives your chairs and optimal depth when you sit on it to enjoy your movie or the book you so much wanted to read.

Recliners Sofa

Smooth operation

Equipped with the best mechanism for an easy operation, our recliners chair literally glide open without a hitch. With assured quality, our recliners sofa push back and move forward to its original position without any sound or bumps with the least effort. Ovion’s quality leather recliners can be managed easily by users of all age making it a perfect fit for your family.

We offer multiple types of Recliners to ensure we are matching your unique demands. Be it the colour make or the size, you will find your exact match here at Ovion Lifestyle Leather Recliner collection in Bangalore, India.

Electric Leather Recliner for every level of comfort you want

We bring to a range of premium leather recliners that are superior in make and quality to anything else that you will find in the market. Our collection has the recliners for your living room with a posh look that add to the grandeur of your whole set up as well as give you the quiet corner away from the crowd to enjoy your me time. Share the comfort with your family and friends with our leather sofa recliners, perfect for your living room to enjoy a get-to-gather or just enjoy the classic giant space by yourself.

You can add the extravagance to your relaxing time with a comfy recliner for your bedroom. Give yourself that classy comfort with our choicest products that adds the very definition of luxury and grandeur to your cosy corner. Enjoy your lazy moments in style.

Get your leather customized recliner chair by the experts

Ovion offers customization services for leather recliners. So if you cant find exact match for your requirement, you do not have to compromise with the quality by buy any other brand. Talk to our experts. Tell them exactly what you need. We can help you customize your leather recliners with the color of your choice, the size to fit your home and the make to fit your need.

Get your pick of the perfect comfort partner from our collection. Talk to our experts who will explain to you the various factors that make Ovion the ultimate choice for your luxurious comfort with our elite collection of Leather recliner chairs and sofas.

Locations: Bangalore, Mysuru, VIjayawada, Kochi

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